CYBERPOL CFC specializing in a full range of International  Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Investigative Services, providing support for law firms, financial institutions corporate clients all over the world. Combining cyber security services, advanced analytics, intelligent automation technologies and integrated cyber defense to out-innovate attackers by using DEPSINT™ Track & Trace Technologies.


CYBERPOL CFC resources, expertise and information and partnerships allows us to maximize our ability to detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to cyber attacks and online cybercriminal activity.

"Your International CyberCrime Investigation Agency"

A name you can trust when others fail to get the job done!


CYBERPOL CFC is the next-generation approach that combines all security functions such as, cyber investigations and threat intelligence, security orchestration, security automation, incident response, threat response, and others into a single unit in a collaborative manner. CYBERPOL CFC approach bridges the gap between discrete teams through intelligence synthesis and inter-team collaboration.


CYBERPOL CFC contribute to the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) to our clients in partnership with CYBERPOL Organization by analyzing cyber threat information in the context of environment; disseminating information and gathering OSINT and DEPSINT Data using leads and suspicious activity reporting (SAR) from CYBERPOL Organization as main partner.

CYBERPOL CFC Fusion centers receive information from a variety of sources, including SAR from stakeholders within jurisdictions and our global partnerships. We analyze the information and develop relevant products to disseminate to our customers. These products assist cyber security partners at all levels of Corporate and Legal services, Private Investigators (Pi’s) and Government partners to identify and address immediate and emerging threats.


CYBERPOL CYBER FUSION CENTER allows your organizations to collaborate through strategic and technical threat intelligence gathering of “The Word on The World Wide Web” and investigating, sharing in real-time and render a collective defense approach to threat responses.

CYBERPOL CFC strengthens the collaboration between large enterprises, government agencies, CERTs, MSSPs, information sharing communities such as ISACs/ISAOs, and other stakeholders.


Private Investigators and Lawyers can now use CYBERPOL CFC DEPSINT International CyberCrime Investigation 'ICI' products and services to enhance their case findings in courts and cyber investigations.

NEW YORK, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ 

CYBERPOL DEPSINT™ Deep Web Intelligence Technologies was first used in 2015 to Track and Trace, using the deep Web, and locate the stolen funds from US companies stolen by Terrorist behind Cyber crimes in protection of private corporation's interests and assets.

The head of IIA, detective Moshe Buller:

"The use of CYBERPOL DEPSINT™ Technologies has helped us to solve many high profile cases and often the result of such data lead to successful prosecutions and recovery and or litigation cases in which some cases involved the loss of up to $2 billion."

CYBERPOL CFC EOOD is facilitating Legal firms and Private Investigation firms across the globe providing DEPSINT Deep Web Track and Trace Technologies with its viral team based in foreign countries such as Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.